Csilla Szabó: Goodbye and Good Luck!

Csilla Szabó has been CIME’s Staff Director since January 2011, and it is with regret that we say our goodbyes now as she moves on to other things. As a farewell to CIME community, she answered some questions for CIME Newsletter Editor Heather DeVaney. HEATHER: What has your work as CIME’s Staff Director entailed? What... Read more »


CIME Forum 2014 in Peru


Such hot button topics as how to stay safe and ethical while covering politics and drug trafficking, when and how to use social media as a reporting tool, and the impact of business on news content, were among lively discussions at CIME’s 2014 forum held June 16-17 in Lima, Peru.


Three ethical tips to cover the World Cup

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Sports journalism is often overlooked in the conversation about media ethics, but sports are an important component of international culture. Sports and Media Analyst Rosarita Cuccoli gives three tips for reporting on the World Cup.