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Letter from the Founder
Center for Internet & Media Ethics (CIME)
Updated: 15 March 2017

Dear CIME Community

We are currently in discussion with candidates for taking over the lead of the CIME project in the near future and bringing our it to the next level. Having reached a critical mass worldwide with thousands of annual workshop participants, and received an award from the World Economic Forum in 2013, we are in a strong position to take media ethics standards even higher in coming years!

Given constant changes in the media landscape since CIME's founding date in 2007 (shift to digital, social media, artificial intelligence, etc), it is time to consider a new model for CIME that is adapted to serving media ethics in a tech-focused world.

In a personal capacity, I am currently focused on the Thingmap project and ensuring that CIME transitions to the next phase in a way that is very fruitful both for media ethics and for the community at large.

We welcome your feedback! Please reach out on Twitter (DM @Melisande_M) with any comments, questions or if you wish to be involved in any way.

Warm wishes
Melisande Middleton