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The Center for International Media Ethics CIME is a non-profit organization bringing together a network of media professionals throughout the world to provide training, discussion and expertise in the ethics of their profession. Our driving emphasis is that media professionals take responsibility in shaping society.



July 2014 - CIME is looking for Communications and PR interns! The positions are part-time, home-based, ideal for any fresh graduate or university student with 20 hrs/ month free time with an interest in media ethics. Read more here

June 2014 - The 6th CIME Forum took place in Lima, Peru on 16-17 June 2014 bringing together more than 100 journalism professionals and students to discuss media ethics issues in Latin-America. Details and photos

May 2014 - CIME is glad to present the work of two more Fellows this month:

- Media ethics and development of consciousness in mass media language to combat structural oppression (pdf) written by Radheshyam Jadhav, CIME Fellow 2013

- Social Media Used by Journalists in Kenya and the Relationship Between Media Ethics and Social Media (pdf) written by Carolyne Tomno, CIME Fellow 2012


April 2014 - Two more research papers of CIME Fellows from the 2012 cycle have been published. Read:

- Fastidious: A Guidebook on Ethical Strategies for Social Media Writers (pdf) written by Fredrick Mugira

- Applying the Test of Public Interest to News Gathering and Reporting (pdf) written by Titilayo Bamigboye


March 2014 - The Fourth International Media Ethics Day is coming under the title IMED Cyber on 19 September 2014. Express your interest for hosting a workshop here.

Two short research papers of 2012 CIME Fellows have been published. Read:

- The Impact of Social Media on Journalism Ethics (pdf) by Aveseh Asough and

- Newspaper Editors' Perception of the Solicitation and Acceptance of Cash and Gifts in Exchange for News Coverage by Journalists in Malawi (pdf) by Grey Mang'anda.

Febr 2014 - CIME's IMED Director, Milica Markovic was awarded the CIME Staff Commendation 2013 for her drive, initiatives and successful organization of the 3rd International Media Ethics Day.



Dec 2013 - CIME wishes happy New Year to all its partners and associates!


Nov 2013 - CIME has reached 6 years of its operation! Our Staff members prepared this video to thank CIME's collaborators, partners and everybody who have helped us in the past 6 years.

We have also prepared a media ethics crossword puzzle to challenge you. Try your knowledge and play! We will reveal the solution before Christmas.

Oct 2013 - CIME is turning 6 years old next month! We would like to invite you to celebrate our birthday with us in the form of either an informal gathering or a formal workshop discussing media ethics. A delicious cake is recommended but not obligatory! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your photo to show your affection to media ethics!


Sep 2013 - The 3rd International Media Ethics Day was a great success with 32 workshop locations around the world! Check out the list of participating countries and organizations, read our 24 special blog posts that we posted hourly on 20th September and check our photo collection of the event! PRESS RELEASE (pdf)

Aug 2013 - The 5th Annual CIME Forum has taken place on 23-24 Aug in Islamabad, Pakistan with success! We are grateful for our Ambassadors Puruesh Chaudhary and Ujjwal Acharya, as well as Sadaf Baig, one of our Fellows and all the speakers and panellists, participants of the event who helped make the event realise. More info here


July 2013 - We are fundraising for the upcoming 3rd International Media Ethics Day in order to be able to host more workshops around the world and reach out to journalists in less developed areas. If you want to help us improve journalism ethics, please donate and share! More info here.


June 2013 - Congratulations to Nanda Armoogum from Mauritius who won the 2012 CIME Ethicontest with his essay on whether citizen journalists can produce professional journalism. Read the interview with him and his essay here.


May 2013 - CIME is proud to announce the 3rd International Media Ethics Day to be organized on 20th September 2013. Are you interested to host a workshop on the occasion? Learn the details


April 2013 - CIME is preparing its new website, therefore links might not always work as they used to. We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to present you our new pages soon. Stay tuned!

March 2013 - The World Economic Forum has today announced its Young Global Leaders for 2013. The 199 honourees include Melisande Middleton, founder of CIME.

Jan 2013 - Congratulations to the 12 new CIME Fellows who were selected for the 2013 CIME Fellowship for Ethics Leadership. They have started the program last week and will complete 5 learning pillars and a research projects by the end of the year.

CIME is recruiting interns and volunteers in communications, PR, multimedia, business development and marketing. Our positions are part-time and home based volunteer opportunities; ideal for those who wish to learn more about media ethics as an extra-curricular activity. Read the requirements and conditions here

The 3rd CIME Ethicontest deadline has been extended to 17 February 2013! Submit your essays about whether citizen journalists can produce professional journalism and be one of the first people to receive Stephen J. Ward's latest book: Media Ethics - Problems and Perspectives.

Happy New Year to everyone! Here it is for another year of improving media ethics around the world.

Dec 2012 - CIME wishes to all of its partners, followers and network as well as media ethics promoters happy holiday season and successful new year!

The fifth anniversary of CIME was celebrated throughout the globe by partners and associates of the organization, all enthusiastic media ethics supporters. The Club of Chief-Editors of Kazakhstan, for example, organized a flash-mob in Astana to mark the event.

Journalists in Benin also celebrated the fifth anniversary of the CIME. The celebration took place at the Institute PROFAMEC at the House of Media in Cotonou. CIME Staff and journalism network also gathered in Brussels and in London for friendly celebrations.

Nov 2012 - The 3rd CIME Ethicontest is open! Submit your essay in the subject of "Can citizen journalists produce professional journalism?" in English until 13 January and win a signed copy of Stephen J. Ward's upcoming new book Media Ethics - Problems and Perspectives (to be published January 2013) and a scholarship to participate in CIME's online media ethics training. The best essays will be published on our website and in our newsletter. Read the details of the contest

CIME has published the results from their survey concerning UK media regulation. CIME conducted this survey to gauge the reactions of journalists practicing in the UK to the scandal and their views on the Leveson Inquiry. Read the analysis of the survey results

Congratulations to the winner of CIME's media ethics short video contest in 2012, Nikka Matibag from the Philippines. We also extend our gratitude to her supporters Errylle Monroy and Joyce Placino. Thank you for the excellent work! Their video is now the official CIME film for one year portraying plagiarism as one of the most common ethical mistakes media professional can make.



The 2nd International Media Ethics Day reports are published giving you the unique stories of different events organized to celebrate media ethics around the world. More than 500 journalists participated in 23 locations!

CIME is preparing to celebrate its 5th birthday on 17 November. We would be delighted if you joined us in the celebration! Read details here.

Oct 2012 - The 2013 CIME Fellowship for Ethics Leadership is accepting applications! This flexible part-time online Fellowship is suitable for working journalists and media professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge on issues of media ethics and conduct small scale research in 2013. Application deadline EXTENDED to 11 November 2012. Please read the requirements carefully and submit your candidacy on time!

Csilla Szabó, CIME's Staff Director presented a paper on "A Case for Global Media Ethics Guidelines" at the Journalism Ethics: Individual, Institutional or Cultural? conference organized by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Ethics at the University of Oxford. The paper was written with Teresa Allen, CIME Board member and Professor of Journalism, California Polytechnic State University, USA and inquired about the need for a global set of ethics guidelines for media professionals.

Sept 2012 - The 2nd International Media Ethics Day is here! Journalists could attend workshops about media ethics at the following locations on 21st Sept: Albania (Tirana), Benin (Cotonou), Cameroon (Yaoundé), Ghana (Accra), Germany (Calw /Baden-Württemberg), Hungary (Budapest), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), India (Jamshedpur), Myanmar (Mandalay), Nepal (Kathmandu), Nigeria (Lagos), Nigeria (Mkar), Pakistan (Lahore), Peru (Monterrico), Romania (Iasi), Russia (Moscow), Vanuatu.

On 20th Sept: Afghanistan (Herat)

On 22nd Sept: Nigeria (Abuja)

On 23rd Sept: Palestine (Ramallah)

On 24th Sept: Uganda (Mbarara)

On 25th Sept: Argentina (Buenos Aires)

We also offered plenty of online activities, for example intensive online blogging on our own blog and a list of volunteer blogs who  wrote about media ethics for this special occasion on 21st September. We also had a quiz on social media and several announcements! Read more

Aug 2012 - The CIME team is preparing the last details of the upcoming 2nd International Media Ethics Day in more than 15 countries around the world. It's not too late to join if you want to host the event at your own location!


CIME is looking for volunteer bloggers who are interested to post on their own blogs about media ethics on 21st September commemorating the 2nd International Media Ethics Day this way. If you want to be part of the celebration, please sign up here.

We are accepting last minute submissions to our media ethics short video contest! Don't miss the chance to become the official CIME film for a year! EXTENDED DEADLINE 30 SEPT 2012

Our CIME Fellows are working hard on their media ethics research paper. Aveseh Asough is preparing a study on how journalists use social media. If you are from Nigeria, please fill in this short survey to help her work.

Given the popularity of the program, we are planning to launch it for 2013 again. Stay tuned for more information!

July 2012 - Still accepting last minute submissions to our survey about the Leveson Inquiry and the status of media ethics in the UK! If you are a journalist, reporter, student or any other media professional and you have an opinion, please share it with us!

We are working hard to cooperate with local organisations to organise local workshops on 21 Sept as well as prepare online programs for those who cannot attend any of the onsite activities. Check out what we have to offer!

CIME's co-founder Melisande Middleton is featured on IJNet as the journalist of the month! Congratulations to her!


June 2012 - The second Media Ethics Cine is accepting short video submissions about journalism ethics. The winner video will be the official CIME film for one year. Last year's winner was Lupica Alexandru from Romania. Watch his video here

May 2012 - We are recruiting volunteer organisations to host the second International Media Ethics Day on 21 September 2012. Improve journalism in your region by volunteering to host a local media ethics workshop. Read the details here about what host organisations do and how we help them. Last year's IMED involved more than 300 journalists in 11 countries in discussion and group exercises on the ethics of their profession. We welcome journalist associations, media houses, clubs, motivated individuals, journalism schools, students and anyone who feels to make a change in the ethics of media!

The Leveson Inquiry: The Views of UK Journalists In following the progress of the Leveson Inquiry, we believe that UK journalists should be involved first-hand in designing recommendations for the future of media regulation in their country. If you are a journalist, we would appreciate hearing your opinion on the ethics of your trade. This information will allow us, if necessary, to act accordingly. Please fill in our survey!

April 2012 - 18-19 April 2012, the 4th CIME Forum took place in Bhutan bringing together 70 journalism professionals from the South Asian region for discussion on the socio-economic responsibility of journalists.

Bhutan held its first national parliamentary elections 4 years ago and was one of the last countries to introduce television and allow internet in 1999. In this new democracy, it is crucial that all actors of the society find their role, especially the media. After a day of discussions, 20 selected journalists received training in J-Ethinomics, CIME's groundbreaking media ethics concept. Read Press Release Follow on Twitter: #2012CIMEForum See PHOTOS

The CIME newsletter is accepting submissions from media professionals and experts worldwide! Do you have a story about ethical challenges you face as a journalist/reporter? Do you want to share some advice with other journalists around the world?  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and your article might be featured in our monthly newsletter!

March 2012 - CIME Fellow, Tarek Mounir from Egypt gave a speech at the Agahi Awards giving ceremony on 28 March 2012 in Pakistan. Margie Fishman and Tarek Mounir were also on the selection committee to pick the winners of the first ever journalism awards in the country. The Agahi media development initiative is the program of Mishal Pakistan lead by Puruesh Chaudhary, CIME Ambassador in Pakistan. Find out more about the winners of the awards and the ceremony on the Agahi Awards website.

The CIME Public Trust Survey Report is out! Reflecting the opinion of 612 respondents to the 2011 CIME Public Trust Survey, CIME presents a global report on media ethics from the point of view of news consumers. This analysis crucially reveals not only that the number of news consumers, but also the level of trust in news provided by the internet has overall increased and overcome the confidence people have in classical news mediums. Furthermore, the report examines government interference and the impact of digital media on the ethics of journalism worldwide.

The CIME Forum 2012 appeared in The Wall Street Journal Asia 15 March 2012 print edition to invite journalists, reporters and media professionals from South Asia to the media ethics conference and training. REGISTRATION IS OPEN, please make sure you express your interest in attending the conference on time so we have time to help you with your visa arrangements. Read the detailed program on the 2012 CIME Forum or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


In collaboration with CIME, Mishal Pakistan has launched the Agahi Awards program which are the first journalism awards in Pakistan. By recognizing the best journalists reporting on critical issues in Pakistan, the awards aim to complement the Agahi Media Development Initiative to stregthen media ethics and improve the quality of journalism in Pakistan. Voting is open to the public through the internet. The Awards giving ceremony will take place on 28 March, 2012.

February 2012 - 2012 CIME Forum in Bhutan is accepting registrations for the conference on the 1st day and the media ethics training on the 2nd day. The program is available (pdf) and will bring together media professionals from Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and US to discuss the socio-economic responsibility of journalists in Bhutan and beyond. Co-organiser: Bhutan Media Institute. Supporters of the event are SAGE Publications, Journalism Department of Cal Poly State University, Mishal Pakistan and the Official Business Newspaper of the event is The Wall Street Journal Asia.

We have the winner of the 2011 Ethicontest with an outstanding work on the topic of ethical pitfalls of new photography from crisis or disaster zones. Congratulations to Mr. Joseph Fomolu from Gambia for his performance!

January 2012 - New layout and more exciting content - the CIME Newsletter revamped thanks to the hard work of Ann Babe, Newsletter Editor and Tom Hughes, Design and Technical Consultant of CIME. Take a look!

CIME is planning the 4th CIME Forum to take place in Thimphu, Bhutan with a focus on "A New Era of Socio-Economic Responsibility for journalists in Bhutan and Beyond". We are currently seeking donors to support the Forum and improve the quality of journalism in the South Asian region. Provisionally there will be speakers from Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan and the USA. Should you be interested to sponsor the event please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The CIME Fellowship for Ethics Leadership has just started with the online J-Ethinomics training as the first pillar of the program. The selected Fellows will complete 5 pillar activities to become leaders in the ethics of their profession as well as conduct a research in media ethics.

From this month, subscribers will receive a modernised CIME Newsletter not only with new layout but new content as well, thanks to the great work of Ann Babe, Newsletter Editor and Tom Hughes, Graphic and Technical Consultant of CIME. Subscribe here to receive the Newsletter every month in your email box.





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"I thought the panels were well chosen and ... the discussions were lively and interesting." – CIME Forum 2011 Participant

"I enjoyed the participation from two perspectives, the indigenous person and the urban mestiza." – CIME Forum 2010 Participant

"All of the topics covered satisfied my thirst for learning how I can use ethics to participate in consolidating democracy in my country." - CIME Forum 2009 participants