What does CIME believe?

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CIME focuses on training, awareness and capacity-building in the field of professional media ethics.

CIME's goal is to improve the overall media ethics standards everywhere in the world.

CIME encourages each media professional to take on a proactive role in defining ethical practices through the choices and decisions made at work on a daily basis. We urge ourmedia professionals to work together to make their own judgments and identify their own strategies in ethics.


The Center for International Media Ethics CIME is a non-profit organization bringing together a network of media professionals throughout the world to provide training, discussion and expertise in the ethics of their profession. Our driving emphasis is that media professionals take responsibility in shaping society.


Our vision is to be a pioneer in innovative best practices for media professionals internationally to solve ethical challenges that arise due to changes in the media (technological or other)

What does CIME do?

  • * We provide media ethics training online and on-site, with a focus in J-Ethinomics.

    * We offer the online CIME Fellowship for Ethics Leadership for journalists worldwide.

    * Our CIME Forum in Benin (2009), Mexico (2010), Hungary (2011) and Bhutan (2012) provided journalists with a framework for panels & discussion on ethics. Participants expressed significant positive feedback, and media houses requested in all locations that CIME return to provide training to their staff.

  • * The International Media Ethics Day was organised by CIME for the first time in history in 2011 as an incentive for journalists to follow ethical practices. It was hosted in 11 countries with more than 300 participants in addition to online participation. Currently we are planning the 2nd IMED for 21st Sept 2012.
  • * Our monthly CIME Newsletter gives a voice to media professionals worldwide on the topic of ethics. The e-publication includes articles and interviews about media ethics from specialists in the field, and news about CIME activities. Sign up to the newsletter on our website homepage.

  • *The CIME Blog offers a platform for media professionals to follow current ethical dilemmas of the press.
  • * Through CIME presentations at various international locations, we advocate the importance of training & discussion on ethics among media professionals.

How did CIME begin?

In July 2007, thirty-two young journalists and professionals from five continents gathered in Prague for a week-long journalism seminar. The seminar was an experiment in tackling key ethical questions that are often left unaddressed in the newsroom. By the end of the week the group shared a vision and the desire to take it a step further. Led by co-founders Kayeromi Gomez and Melisande Middleton, CIME emerged as a formal international framework to help journalists take on a proactive role in shaping their societies.

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"I thought the panels were well chosen and ... the discussions were lively and interesting." – CIME Forum 2011 Participant

"I enjoyed the participation from two perspectives, the indigenous person and the urban mestiza." – CIME Forum 2010 Participant

"All of the topics covered satisfied my thirst for learning how I can use ethics to participate in consolidating democracy in my country." - CIME Forum 2009 participants