The CIME Forum is an annual event that brings together media professionals for training, panels and discussion in ethical practices. The Forum is held each year in a different country serving as a platform for regional discussion about media ethics. The first CIME Forum took place in Benin (West Africa) in February 2009, the second in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2010, the third in Budapest, Hungary.

We are currently organising the fourth CIME Forum in 2012 April to take place in Bhutan for a South Asian conference and workshop about ethical journalism. Registration is open!

CIME Forum 2009 in Cotonou, Benin
CIME Forum 2010 in Oaxaca, Mexico
CIME Forum 2011 in Budapest, Hungary
CIME Forum 2012 in Thimphu, Bhutan

CIME Forum 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan

CIME Forum 2014 in Lima, Peru


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"I thought the panels were well chosen and ... the discussions were lively and interesting." – CIME Forum 2011 Participant

"I enjoyed the participation from two perspectives, the indigenous person and the urban mestiza." – CIME Forum 2010 Participant

"All of the topics covered satisfied my thirst for learning how I can use ethics to participate in consolidating democracy in my country." - CIME Forum 2009 participants