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December 2011 - Melisande Middleton, co-founder of CIME met Puruesh Chaudhary, CIME Ambassador to Pakistan and Amir Jahangir, representative of Mishal Pakistan to discuss the partnership further.

CIME partners with Purple Mind Productions to promote ethical journalism and improve ethical standards in countries where the company is present.

The CIME Ethicontest has ended. Thank you for all the interesting essays! We will start the evaluation soon and announce the winner in January. You will be able to read the winner essay on “What are the ethical pitfalls of news photography from conflict or disaster zones, and how should a journalist choose what to publish?” in the CIME Newsletter.

CIME Fellowship for Ethics Leadership application period has ended. We will shortly announce the selected Fellows. Thank you for all the great submissions, the decision is not easy with so many great potential Fellows. The Fellows will receive training and support from CIME on 5 topics and will conduct a small research throughout the next year. This is a unique opportunity to become part of the CIME team and contribute to the improvement of global media ethics! If you missed your chance this year, do not hesitate to apply next year.

November 2011 -CIME is celebrating its 4th birthday on the 17th of November! Check out the evolution of the organisation in the last 4 years through a super visual timeline recalling the milestones we have come through!

CIME staff is spread around the world but this did not prevent us from getting together at different locations to celebrate the anniversary with delicious cakes. Check out our gallery for the photos.


The Public Trust Survey is now closed with more than 600 answers. Thanks for everyone who filled it in and contributed to our research. The CIME Staff has started analysing the data and the results will be available in early January.

October 2011 - The CIME Ethicontest 2011 is open! Essays on the given topic should be submitted by November 30 in English. Prizes are a scholarship to get certified in J-Ethinomics, the book "The Elements of Journalism" and the winner essay will be published in the CIME Newsletter and website. Reknown journalist and author, Geoffrey Nyarota will select the talented winner.

CIME has launched its new research on the Public Trust towards today's media. Everybody who reads news are cordially invited to fill in our short survey. Express your opinion on today's press! Do you trust the news and the journalists who write them?

CIME Staff, Csilla Szabó attended a seminar organised at the Council of the European Union in Brussels on "The impact of social media on journalism".

Rehman Azhar represented CIME at the local Agahi workshop in Peshawar, Pakistan organised by Mishal Pakistan on the topic of Investigative journalism and ethics.

September 2011 - The International Media Ethics Day took place on the 23rd of September. Journalists celebrated the day in 11 countries with local workshops and conferences and CIME offered several online ways of participating in the event.

On 4th of September, the Media Ethics Cine ended with several creative short videos submitted on the topic of media ethics. The CIME Board has chosen the video of Alexandru Lupica as official video of CIME for a year. Enjoy watching!


CIME continues collaboration with Mishal Pakistan on the Investigative Journalism and Ethics workshops, this month in Karachi Press Club on the occasion of the International Media Ethics Day and 26 Sept in the Press Club of Rawalpindi - Islamabad, Suzanne Harris from the U.K. represented CIME via video conference and talked about ethics.

August 2011 - CIME starts partnership with Mishal Pakistan to strengthen media ethics in Pakistan through the Agahi project. As a fist step of the collaboration, a series of Investigative Journalism and Ethics workshops are organised in Multan Press Club and Kashmir Press Club where Teresa Allen, representative of CIME from California participates via video conference to answer questions of the local journalists about global media ethics and the Media Ethics Survey report recently conducted by CIME. Read the Press Release

CIME welcomes Afghan journalists from Kandahar to its online media ethics training in August and September. The Afghan-Canadian Community Center provides its facilities equipped with computers and internet connection to local journalists in order to be able to participate in the J-Ethinomics course.

July 2011 - CIME is launching the first International Media Ethics Day and is looking for partner organizations to help make it a success. With the aid of participating institutions, CIME hopes to provide workshops in locations around the globe to enable the world’s journalists to engage in stimulating discussions about media ethics in their communities.

CIME is looking for media ethics specialist or media experts with interest on media ethics to strengthen its Advisory Board and support its consultancy services in developing countries of the world. We are also seeking instructors for our online media ethics course. If you feel like getting involved please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

June 2011 - CIME Board member Yaroslava Sennikova was invited to present a session on ethics at the 2nd South, Central and East Europe Investigative Journalism Days. Investigating corruption, maintaining personal security and reporting on extremist politicians were presented at the 3 days conference in Belgrade.

The results of CIME's worldwide Internet-based survey are in, and the responses are revealing. The survey was intended to analyze the deficiencies, problems and possible solutions of journalism ethics in different countries and regions of the world. In total, 127 media professionals from 46 countries participated, sharing their personal experiences and the ethical standards of journalists in their areas.

Media Ethics Cine! CIME is looking for enthusiastic contestants to create CIME's first media ethics short video to stream across our network and the wider media world.

May 2011 - "From China to South Africa, France to Brazil" How does media ethics work in your country? CIME started a global media ethics research to find out the answer! The Media Ethics Survey closed on the 5th of June with more than 100 answers from journalists from 46 countries around the world and the results will be published soon on our website and newsletter.

April 2011 - CIME has a renewed, fresh BLOG that offers ground for thoughtful discussion and allows its readers to follow the current topics of journalism ethics in the world. CIME has also refreshed its social media presence with a new Facebook Page that provides its followers with up-to-date information on ethical broadcasting and the best writing practises.

March 2011 - CIME is expanding its online presence in 2011! Look for us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!

February 2011 - Our Spring J-Ethinomics courses are well underway, drawing participants from India, Romania, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Zimbabwe for our first course of the season. Further information on our J-Ethinomics course is available here.

January 2011 -  On January 15, the Center for Media and Communication Studies at CEU hosted the third annual CIME Forum 2011 organised by the Center for International Media Ethics. The Forum was comprised of two panel sessions which provided a platform for dialogue about media ethics. Panels included speakers such as Oliver Vujovic of SEEMO, and Balázs Weyer, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Origo. The controversial Hungarian media laws that have received international coverage were discussed, in addition to various ethical issues that journalists encounter in the   broaderEastern European region. Please click here for reports and photos!

December 2010 -  The holiday season is upon us, and at CIME we are busy finishing up our end-of-the-year projects and preparing to introduce many exciting new initiatives in the New Year.  Our upcoming 2011 Forum, to be held in Budapest, is now only a month away.  We will also soon be announcing our CIME Ethicontest winner and the names of our first CIME country Ambassadors. Please keep checking back with us for additional information and updates.  We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all that have contributed efforts and enthusiasm to help us realize the visions of our organization and generate greater discussion about issues surrounding international media ethics in 2010. Thank you!

CIME at TEDxWestminster. Co-founder Melisande Middleton and Artemis Alexiou of CIME participated in the TedxLive event, "How Women are Contributing in Shaping the Future" (London, UK) on December 7, 2010. TEDxLive is a new extension of the TEDx program, launched by TED in 2010, built around the live webcast of the TED conference.

CIME at Annual Reuters Memorial Lecture. Chelsey Lepage of CIME participated in the Reuters Memorial Lecture 2010, "The Opportunities and Limits of Journalism in China" (Oxford, UK) on November 29, 2010. Presented by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (University of Oxford), the lecture was delivered by editor Hu Shuli of Sun Yat-sen Univerity (China), and followed by a panel discussion on media in China.

CIME at EJC Seminar in Brussels. Csilla Szabo of CIME attended the 3-day event, "Innovation Union and Industrial Policy" (Brussels, Belgium) on November 24-26, 2010, presented by the European Journalism Centre (EJC). The link between ethical media and social development and innovation is one repeatedly emphasized by CIME,  and this seminar provided us an excellent opportunity to gain further insight into current European Commission initiatives designed to improve Europe's innovative potential.

November 2010: - Happy Birthday, CIME! This month, the Center for International Media Ethics turns three years old. Our sincere thanks to all who have supported and collaborated with us - together we have achieved many exciting things and even more are on the way!

To commemorate our anniversary, we are pleased to launch our CIME Ambassador Program, offering journalists throughout the world the opportunity to become CIME spokespersons and ambassadors for media reform in their countries.  Further details on our Ambassador Program can be found in this month's special anniversary edition of our newsletter and here on our website.

Our upcoming 2011 Forum - to be held in Budapest, Hungary - is almost up on us! CIME believes it is essential that local journalists also collaborate with one another on a national level, to express their opinions and become actively involved in enforcing ethical media practices. For this reason, CIME is now present in the biggest Hungarian social media portal, lwiw. The Center for International Media Ethics Club is now open to any registered lwiw user and provides a Hungarian language platform for local media professionals to follow CIME's activities and global news about media ethics.  Join us!

October 2010 - The CIME Forum is approaching! The CIME Forum is an annual event that brings together international media professionals for panel discussions and training in ethical practices. Each year the Forum is held in a different country.  After holding successful Forums in both Africa (Benin) and Latin America (Mexico), CIME is presently targeting Central and Eastern Europe. The 2011 Forum will take place in Budapest, Hungary and will include panelists from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and more! Our staff is currently working hard to prepare for this one-day event, and are pleased to announce that the Center for Media and Communication Studies Faculty of the Central European University will be partnering with CIME for this event.

September 2010 - CIME ETHICONTEST! The Center for International Media Ethics proudly launches its first media ethics essay contest for journalists and media professionals from all over the world. The CIME Ethicontest is an essay writing competition open to both aspiring and established writers, journalists, freelancers and students. Judged by renowned journalist and author Geoffrey Nyarota in association with CIME, the CIME Ethicontest is the first contest of it kind launched by the Center for International Media Ethics. Essays on the given topic should be no longer than 2000 words and should be submitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before Nov.14, 2010 along with your name, country of residence and contact information. Read more...

June 2010 - CIME is active in Projects Fair at EJC! On 3-5 of June in Maastricht (Netherlands), our team member Yaroslava Sennikova represented CIME with its J-Ethinomics training at a Projects Fair meeting among media organizations hosted by the European Journalism Centre. Participants exchanged successful experiences in media development, including leading World Bank specialist Mark Nelson who spoke about the new frontiers of media development and the role of foreign assistance. The issue of EU funding opportunities for media NGOs was covered by Eric Karstens, EJC and Josh Friedman from Columbia University spoke about problems and perspectives for world media businesses.

May 2010 - CIME at SEEMO Investigative Journalism Days conference! Yaroslava Sennikova of CIME led a discussion on the Ethics of investigative journalism at this conference in Montenegro. To which extent can investigative journalists serve the role of watchdogs in society? How does their work overlap with other investigative roles in society such as police, detectives, secret intelligence services, auditors, etc? These are some of many fascinating questions that came up as CIME encouraged the ethics debate with SEEMO in this crucial region of Europe.

April 2010 - CIME launches open source J-Ethinomics concept! J-Ethinomics is the combination of Journalism, Ethics and Ec onomics. The concept addresses how journalists can use ethics to build trust in the news, thereby sustaining demand for the media industry. More generally, J-Ethinomics also highlights how the work of journalists impacts political and socio-economic development pr ocesses. CIME encourages media professionals worldwide to expand on these ideas through teaching, research and other activities! Click here to read more about J-Ethinomics, and here to view our J-Ethinomics Theory of Change .

March 2010 - EthicsforMedia journalism ethics courses begin! CIME's educational branch EthicsforMedia is launching its online and on-site courses on in journalism ethics this month, with a focus in J-Ethonomics. Courses are based on CIME expertise and maintain a highly practical approach to ethics., designed for use in CIME programs. Read more...

Feb. 2010 - CIME Forum 2010 in Oaxaca, Mexico! Our annual Forum on Feb. 12-13 addressed the topic of the "Representation of Indigenous Peoples in the Mexican Press". Following the event several media outlets in Oaxaca expressed eager interest for CIME to come back to provide additional ethics training for their journalists. One participant specifically congratulated CIME's "call to open a discussion on the press in native communities", and the initiative of our organization as a whole in  providing a framework for the topic. Check the CIME Forum page of our website soon for a full report & photos of the event!

CIME at Access Info/KAS workshop in Berlin. Yaroslava Sennikova of CIME was invited to take part in "Legal Leaks: Access to information and data security for journalists" on Feb. 18-19, organized by Access Info and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Professionals from across Europe discussed how journalists use information laws, overviewing both local and transnational examples. Participants put forth methodologies for data security solutions and legal support in their journalistic work, such as Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR).

CIME/EthicsforMedia at Columbia Journalism School. Monique Loayza and Willis Arnold of EthicsforMedia participated in "Black Holes and Bureaucrats: The View from the FOI Frontlines" at the J-School on Feb. 23. The speaker, main VP and Assistant General Counsel of The New York Times, David McCraw discussed Freedom of Information laws. The topic speaks to the ethics of journalists staying aware of the media laws in their countries and making best use of them - strategies that we address in CIME/EthicsforMedia training courses.

Jan. 2010 - CIME at the College of Europe. CIME was invited to lecture on the topic of data protection and journalists at the College of Europe in Brugge, Belgium on January 11th. The talk addressed the exemptions for the media included in the European Data Protection Directive of 1995 and the UK Data Protection Act of 1998. The topic inspired a very lively debate, with participants from many Europen countries discussing how journalists can maintain ethical standards towards their sources while striving to deliver information that serves the public interest.

Dec. 2009 - CIME wishes Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all! A special thanks to every individual and institution who have collaborated with CIME to make our organization come true. We look forward to a fruitful 2010 with many exciting new developments.

Nov. 2009 - Happy Birthday CIME! The Center for International Media Ethics turns two years old this month. THANK YOU to each and every individual who is taking the time and effort to collaborate with CIME, so that journalists worldwide can receive increasingly better training in ethics.

CIME at EJC conference in Brussels. CIME was a guest speaker at "Covering the Crisis", a conference hosted by the European Journalism Center (EJC) Nov. 8-11 2009, on the role of the media in the financial crisis. Other guest speakers included Dean Starkman of Columbia Journalism Review, Dr. Damian Tambini of the London School of Economics (LSE) and Steve Schifferes of City University London.

CIME at Yale University. CIME joined media specialists in working out the very tricky question of choosing an effective business model for the media. The event was held at the Yale Law and Media Center on Nov. 13-14 on the topic of "Journalism and the New Media Ecology: Who Will Pay the Messengers?". Also present were Josh Silver of Free Press, James Kennedy of Associated Press and Tom Glocer of Reuters, among other key representatives in the journalism world.

Oct. 2009 - CIME participates in IPI conference. Panelists from all five continents discussed the role of the media in reporting on terrorism at the International Press Institute (IPI) "War on Words" event in Vienna, Austria on October 5-6 2009. The speakers and audience put forth ethical debates and strategies, as they questioned the different ways that journalists contribute to the prevention of and response to terrorist acts.

June 2009 - CIME chairs Oxford University Panel. CIME chaired the Oxford PCMLP panel at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum this 3-5 June 2009 in Bonn, Germany on "Conflict Prevention in the Multimedia Age". Speakers included Dr. Nicole Stremlau (Oxford University), Daniel Bekele (Oxford University/Ethiopia), Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai (Society for Democratic Initiatives, Sierra Leone) and Yusuf Gabobe (Haatuf Media Group Somaliland). Alongside participants at the Deutsche Welle event from countries spanning every continent, CIME confirmed its position in a truly international network of journalists.

May 2009 - CIME hosts Middle East Eisenhower Fellow. CIME is honored this month with the visit of Eisenhower Fellow Muamar Orabi Nakhla, General Director of Wattan TV. This secular news station based in Palestine enjoys the highest viewership in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Wattan TV is trying to ensure objective reporting in the face of a tumultuous media environment and stiff competition from media outlets supported by political organizations in the region. We are delighted to be furthering our cooperation with Philadelphia-based Eisenhower Fellowships, as CIME strives to work with journalists from all parts of the world.

April 2009 - CIME's first appearance in North Africa. CIME's Director Melisande Middleton is invited to speak this month at the "Information Ethics in a Changing Arab World" conference in Tunisia ("Déontologie de l'information dans un monde arabe en mutation"). The event will be hosted on April 23-24 by the Institute of Press and Information Sciences (IPSI), the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF) and the University of Manouba. CIME looks forward to working with journalists in the North Africa region.

March 2009 - CIME welcomes Mr. Geoffrey Nyarota. This month CIME is honored to welcome Mr. Geoffrey Nyarota to our advisory board. Mr. Nyarota is an award-winning journalist and author reknowned for his work on freedom of the press in Zimbabwe and internationally. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

February 2009 - CIME Forum 2009 this month! The first ever CIME Forum 2009 is happening this month! Please check the CIME Forum 2009 page to view the full report on this exciting event in Benin (West Africa).

January 2009 - New staff members at CIME. A huge welcome to our new Advisory Board Member Martha Ivanovas, to our new Web Manager Johan Lee, and to our new Public Relations Intern Rachael Small. We are delighted to have such talented team members on board and look forward to working with you all!

December 2008 - CIME's director at Oxford University. Our own CIME director Melisande Middleton will be joining the prestigious Oxford University in the UK as a Visiting Scholar at the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP). As a scholar, Melisande will join experts in the field of media ethics and law in finding answers to questions on the media's social responsibility in today's world. This project will add tremendous value to her job here at CIME. Congratulations Melisande and we look forward to seeing more of you on the international scene.

November 2008 - Happy 1st Anniversary CIME! This month we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Center for International Media Ethics CIME. CIME began with a very small core: a group of journalists who had attended a seminar hosted by The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) in Prague. Now, as we celebrate the first anniversary of the organization's incorporation in Chicago, we are amazed by the expansion of the international network of media professionals that has resulted from our initiative in so little time. Also a special thanks to our volunteer Alissa for her tremendous efforts on the establishment of our first online newsletter.

October 2008 - Eisenhower Fellow visits CIME. The Center for International Media Ethics - CIME is honored this month with the visit of the Eisenhower Fellow Diego Valenzuela. Mr. Valenzuela is an accomplished television and radio journalist from Argentina, and a proud winner of Eisenhower Fellowships, a non-profit and non-partisan international leadership organization based in Philadelphia.

July 2008 - CIME at EJI 2008. TFAS invited CIME's Director to present our organization to the EJI 2008 audience in Prague, Czech Republic. An opportunity to reflect upon how far CIME has come in the past year, and how much further we're aimed to go! A special applause to the two of CIME's Advisory Board Members who were present at the event, Laura Kelly and Matt Kwasiborski.

June 2008 - CIME at Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum. CIME participated in the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum on "Media in Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention" that took place in Bonn, Germany on June 2-4 2008. Check our Gallery and Press pages to view photos and speeches delivered at the event!

May 2008 - CIME's Manager nominated Best TV Journalist. Congratulations to CIME's Manager Haykaram Nahabetyan who was recognized Best TV Journalist of the Year in Armenia by the 2007 public opinion survey! 2750 people participated in the survey, 500 of them from the capital Yerevan, 2250 from the country's other regions. The nomination was based on responses collected four times throughout the year.

January 2008 - CIME makes news in West Africa. CIME's trip to West Africa has just concluded with a remarkable track record. Our President and Director were invited to talk about CIME on Golfe TV and Golfe FM, among the most widely broadcasted stations in Benin. Journalists and media houses alike are excited about the upcoming CIME Forum 2009, and are actively spreading the word across West Africa and beyond. We met successfully with both international and local agencies based in the region, who are eager to sponsor the event.

Thanks for staying tuned - keep checking our website as plans develop and CIME's activities expand!


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"I thought the panels were well chosen and ... the discussions were lively and interesting." – CIME Forum 2011 Participant

"I enjoyed the participation from two perspectives, the indigenous person and the urban mestiza." – CIME Forum 2010 Participant

"All of the topics covered satisfied my thirst for learning how I can use ethics to participate in consolidating democracy in my country." - CIME Forum 2009 participants